Streaming Into April

Hiya All! I’ve been streaming a bit over on Twitch.  I’ve started a segment called “Streamy Sundays,” where my past streams will be released every Sunday. Last month, we caught up, so…. These are as close to live as you can get!!! Enjoy!

Here are the streams that went live on YouTube in the month of April…


3/29: Shiny Brain, so… Whatever Wednesday: Crochet, Knitting, maybe even some diamond painting…

4/4: New-ish blanket start and Stream Raiders on this SUNNY Tuesday morning!

4/12: 1st Affiliate Anniversary Stream. SR, Crafting, unboxings and more!

4/18: Coffee & Crochet. And SR too…

4/19: Everybody wants to be a cat… Working on a new-ish start today. SR too.

4/20: Playing Animal Crossing. SR too. Forward in time means remodeling… something… Kitting on the side too… Maybe…

4/25: New Painting Start. Faces of Faery is a GOOO!! Playing Stream Raiders too!

4/26: Enter the Doctor Who Theme… Playing Stream Raiders and cross stitching!


Alright all! We are now caught up with real time on my Twitch VODs. Next month, there will be slightly LESS videos I’ll be releasing on Sundays. This will be why… lol. Either way.. Thanks for checking this month’s VODs!

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


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