April 2023 Posts Update

Hiya all! Sorry it’s been so long since I posted ANYTHING here. Alot of that has to do with my depression being a bear, and also… I’ve been just wanting to craft and not write at all. Plus, my memory has been AWFUL over the past few months, and I haven’t the foggiest idea why…. But… That’s neither here, nor there…

There will be a FEW posts going up here on the blog over the next little while. This is normally what happens when I don’t post for a bit. So I appreciate your patience with me as I’m catching up… I’m going to talk a bit about what they will be now….

On Sunday the 30th, I will be putting up a list of all of my Twitch VODs (Streaming Videos) that went up on YT during the month of April. There weren’t as many as there were in March, but that’s to be expected as March was the month I was trying to play catch up. April was the month where I put up each VODs on Sunday.

On Monday the 1st, you’ll also be seeing the introduction of the 2023 StashVlogs here on the Blog. However… These started, officially, on 4/3.

I will also be putting up a post introducing the newer Vlog-style videos I’ve been putting up in place of regular Podcast episodes. I’ll explain that more later….


Let’s see. On Tuesday the 2nd, you will see a post talking all about the WIPs & Chats I’ve been putting up weekly since the beginning of the year.





Wednesday the 3rd and Thursday the 4th, I will be the putting up posts about the few paintings that I’ve been finishing and that have already gone up on YT. Yes. I’m playing a bit of catch up with that. Sorry about that. Like I said… Brain has been forgetting things recently….

I’ve also been forgetting to add posts about the large paintings I’ve been finishing and putting up as Timelapses on my YT Channel. There are a few that have yet to go live on YT. Those posts will go up the Saturday of the week they start on the channel. So they will be spaced out at bit. Here is a teaser of what those will be….


Let’s see… Besides the entry updates, there are a few things I want to mention…

I’ve stopped using FB for ANYTHING. Instagram has been a bit neglected of late too, so you’ll have to come here directly for updates. I might even remember to update Instagram when I put up new entries, but I cannot guarantee anything… Sorry…

Oh yeah… I stream on Twitch (link is to my channel directly) every Tuesday & Thursday at 9AM EDT, and Wednesday at 10AM EDT. That is, unless I’m having a special stream that week, which means I try to save up my energy for it and I don’t stream at my normal times. Here is the schedule I made up for May and June, so you can look at it directly (oh yeah.. That reminds me… Need to post May’s schedule to my panels on Twitch this weekend… lol)


Alright. That should do it. Thanks for reading this entry.

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


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