Just A Bit About Your Host…

Hello all! My name is Silver. I have a podcast on YouTube, I stream on Twitch when I can.

I am a general crafter that has been knitting for over 20 years. In fact, this Podcast started as a knitting-only podcast. I took up Crocheting about 4 years ago and started to talk about my crocheting journey at that point. In 2018, I added Cross Stitching and Latch-hooking to my Crafting talk. In 2020, I started talking about my Diamond Painting journey. Now, I talk about what I’m writing, reading, watching on TV, and SOOO much more.

I LOVE drinking coffee. So much so, that it is a running joke how much coffee I can drink as I’m recording my podcast.

I have recently come out as Non-binary to my family and my podcast viewers. I go by They/Them. My life partner, Emptyeye goes by He/Him.

We have an almost 10 year old Tuxedo/Long Haired Feline (Cat), Mario. You will often hear about their shenanigans as well.


Until Later, Happy Crafting!