Music For Two Episodes

Hey everyone! Emptyeye (my life partner) and I used to do a podcast called Music For Two. We have plans to eventually do another episode. Until then, you can find links to each episode’s shownotes below. All you have to do, is click the Episode number.


Intro Post:

Episode 1: “And So It Begins”

Episode 2: “May The Fourth Be With You”

Episode 3: “Haunting Me, Haunting Youuuuuuuu…”

Episode 4: “August-Tastic”

Episode 5: “Slaying The Master”

Episode 6: “The King of Pop Is Here To Stay”

Episode 7: “Rocky Horror Pie”

Episode 8: “Dancing The Night Away”

Episode 9: “High School Drama Nerds”

Episode 10: “Beauty In The Wax”

Episode 11: “Who Tells Your Story?”

Episode 12: “Dancing Into 2021”


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