M42 Episode 1 – And So It Begins


  1. Intro. 

Here, we talk a bit about ourselves, and The Music For Two Podcast. We discuss both the story behind the name, and the concept.





  1. Silver’s Pick – Fleetwood Mac, Rumors (3:14)
    1. Why was it picked?
    2. Intro the Album
      1. First off the band.
      2. Rumours
      3. Charts Info.:
      1. Certifications.:


    1. Singles Off The Album
      1. “Go Your Own Way” : Released: December 1976
      2. “Dreams” : Released: 24 March 1977
      3. “Don’t Stop” : Released: April 1977
      4. “You Make Loving Fun”: Released: September 1977
    2. Interesting Facts
      1. Glee Episode.
      2. Oh, the drama!!! All the Drama!!
        1. Interpersonal Problems
        2. Pot-Shots Are Still Being Thrown…
    3. Free Fallin’ (13:56)
      1. Second Hand News:
      2. Dreams:
      3. Never Going Back Again:
      4. Don’t Stop:
      5. Go Your Own Way:
      6. Songbird:
      7. The Chain:
      8. You Make Loving Fun:
      9. I Don’t Wanna Know:
      10. Oh Daddy:
      11. Gold Dust Woman:
    4. Our Least Favorite Tracks
      1. Silver:
      1. Emptyeye:
    1. Our Favorite Tracks
      1. Silver:
      1. Emptyeye:


  1.   Emptyeye’s Pick = Led Zeppelin – “Album 1 (32:01)
    1. Intro the Album
    2. Why it was picked.
    3. Singles Off The Album
    4. Interesting Facts
    5. Free Fallin’ (37:11)
      1. Good Times Bad Times
      2. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
      3. You Shook Me
      4. Dazed And Confused
      5. Your Time Is Gonna Come
      6. Black Mountain Side
      7. Communication Breakdown
      8. I Can’t Quit You Baby
      9. How Many More Times
    6. Our Least Fav Tracks
      1. Silver:
      2. Emptyeye:
    7. Our Fav Tracks
      1. Silver:
      2. Emptyeye:
  2. Outro & Social (54:00)

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So, with that, we hope you have a great April! We’ll be back with a new episode on May 5th.

-Silver & Emptyeye-

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