Stash Dash Calls My Name Every Summer… Here’s Why

Hey everyone!!! I’ve participated in an event that the ladies of TheKnitGirllls Podcast host every Summer. I’ve done this since 2015. I thought it would be a good idea to highlight the posts that I have created for each year.


2015: Now You’re Just Talking CRAZY PANTS! – Maybe not… 5K it is!

2016: Stash Dash 2.0

2017: Stash Dash, The Third

2018: 2018’s Stash Dash Is A Go!!!

2019: Stash Dash 2019 For The Win!!!

2020: Stash Dash 2020 is RIGHT around the corner…Nope…. It’s here! 😉

2021: Stash Dash 2021 Enters The Arena!!!


I WILL be participating… It won’t start until May 2022, so I’ll wait until closer to that to make my predictions for what I will finish. Stay tuned! 😉


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!