Brizland Timelapse Series

Hi ya’ll! I’ve been adding more content to my YouTube channel. I’m starting to add videos that I call Timelapses of the Diamond Paintings I do in the year of 2022. I have a new series that just started today on the channel and will run for the next 3 Saturdays. Live Premieres will be at 1:30 EST. Hope to see you there!!!

The Painting: Brizland by Brizaar 37 colors. 4 ABs (Aurora Borealis. Special coated drills that shine more). Square diamonds. 56x71cm. This kit came from DAC (Diamond Art Club).


Brizland Week 1 video can be found here:


Brizland Week 2 Can Be Found Here:


Brizland Week 3: Can Be Found Here:


Brizland Week 4: Can Be Found Here:


Brizaar’s Shop:

Brizaar’s Instagram:

Please drop her a follow, if you can. She has AWESOME paintings and art for sale!


I’ll catch you up on the other timelapses in future posts.

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


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