Episode 98 – “The One In Which I Experience 2 Coffees, 2 Cherry Danishes, Lots of FOs, and A Vet Visit”


Welcome To The Dreamland:


In this episode:

  1. My Favorite Things
  2. FO’s
  3. WIPs
  4. Silver’s Unraveling Fast
  5. X’s & O’s
  6. Radio GaGa
  7. Silver’s Book Pile
  8. Silver & The Case of the Screen Time
  9. The More You Know
  10. The End Of the Road


My Favorite Things:

  1. Halloween/VlogTober
  2. CC’s New Patterns that released on Oct 30th 
    1. “I’ll Have Two Coffees and Two Cherry Danishes To Go Please Socks” and “…Cowl.”
    2. You can find their new patterns at http://www.javapurldesigns.com/cherry
    3. CC created a coupon code for 25% off either or both patterns until Nov 5th. The code is JPDCHERRY.



  1. My Scrappy Happy Blanket – Take 2
  2. Hexi Blanket
  3. October DVD Socks
  4. Milo A
  5. Milo B
  6. Purple Hat
  7. A Biker Chick’s Mayhem
  8. KitKat Hats 1 & 2
  9. Pumpkin Socks



  1. DVD Love ❤
  2. What’s In The Bag?
  3. Kit Kat Hat for me
  4. Nov DVD Socks
  5. Honey Dew Socks
  6. An Empty Fire


Silver’s Unraveling Fast:

  1. Purple Viajante


X’s & O’s:

  1. Pitcross/Cross Me Color
  2. Cross Stitch
    1. “In This House…Dr. Who” by Stitch Area.      

Radio GaGa:

  1. Music
  2. Podcasts


Silver’s Book Pile: 

  1. Finished
  2. Abandoned
  3. Currently


Silver and The Case Of The Screen Time: 

  1. TV
  2. Movies
  3. Podcasts
  4. Other YouTube Stuff


The More You Know:

  1. The Great Podcaster Craft Together 
      1. Prizes


October’s FO’s: 


Most Loves: 


Prize Winners:



The End Of The Road: 

Silver’s Dreamland Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WMjbfp
On Discord: Silver Dee #8858
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/silversdreamlandpodcast
On Instagram: SilversTreats
On Twitter: @SilversKnitting
On Twitch: twitch.tv/silverluna2112
On Goodreads: Silverluna
E-mail: silversdreamland@gmail.com

Okay. I’ve rambled for long enough. I know your time is valuable. Please feel free to join in any discussion (or start your own) on the Silver’s DreamLand Disord board or the FB group! I don’t bite, I promise!!! If you’re feeling generous, please click that like button below this video. It really helps my channel out. Please stay tuned for Episode 99 next month.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!


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