Granny Stripes and Cozy Dreamz

Hello Beautiful Readers! Welcome back to my WIP Madness Corner! The next WIP I want to talk about is what I called “Granny Stripes and Cozy Dreamz.” I started this project back in April of 2018., and it’s been pretty much stalled since July of last year. It’s just sitting in a box, where I threw it when I was getting the house ready for company once. I haven’t even really LOOKED at it since I did so. I think this may be one I’ll eventually get around to ripping it out sooner rather than later. I’ll let you know what I decided to do with it.

I’ve been using a size K or 6.5mm hook and a bunch of Red Heart scraps. I’m using the “Granny Stripes” pattern by Lucy of Attic24. You can find the pattern here.

I think part of why I’ve stalled out on this blanket, is I no longer actually WANT this blanket. That, and the fact that the Red Heart Acrylic yarn hurts my hands. I KNEW this going into the blanket at the beginning, but we needed a blanket for our Queen Size Blanket. I thought with the nature of Crochet, it would go fast. But when it got too warm to work on it, I put it upstairs and only worked on it once after the initial 6 rows.



This is how far I got in the blanket before I lost interest in it… If you were wondering, that’s my wonderful Hubby modeling the width of the blanket. (He puts up with SOOO much of my crafty crazy, and I appreciate him. Trust me.. lol)

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


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