Doctor Who House

Hello Beautiful Readers! Welcome back to my WIP Madness Corner! The next project I want to talk about is what I’m calling Doctor Who House.

I started this cross stitch on 08/09 of this year. The Pattern I’m using is “In This House…Dr. Who” by Stitch Area.  This is a Geeky Doctor Who piece. LOTS of Doctor Who sayings that I LOVE. I recommend this for ALL Doctor Who fans who like to cross-stitch. Stitch Area’s Etsy Shop can be found here.

I TOTALLY expect this project to take me a long time, as I have other projects I need to finish in the remaining part of 2020. I’m going to try to balance out my crafts. We’ll see how this goes… lol.

I’ve gotten the first Dalek mostly done and the line of text directly under the midway point of the piece. Here’s what it looks like!

Update 9/7:

I have finished up the Daleks and the first line and I’m working on the second line. I REALLY love the way it’s looking so far. I’m trying to savor it and take my time with the project.

Update 12/22:

I’ve been working on this cross stitch since I last checked in. I’ve mentioned it in several episodes of my podcast, so I have some progress photos, which is pretty awesome. What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!

Hexi Blanket

Hiya Beautiful Makers! The next thing I’ve been working on this year is something new. I called this project simply “Hexi Blanket.”

I’ve been making 5 round Hexis using a size US G, 4.0mm hook. I’ve been separating out the number of Hexis I’ve been making each month and counting the yardage that way. I’ll show them off the same way below.


August/September’s Hexis: (966 yards)

October’s Hexis: (345 yards)

November’s Hexis: (920 yards)

December’s Hexis (so far – 12/15 was the last time I made one): (92 yards)

The minis I plan on using for the Hexis are being held in my 12th Doctor Who bag by Whimzee Stitches that I bought at SSK2018. You can find Rick’s shop here.

I have a few more to go until I have enough for a blanket, but I love the way that they are coming out so far. What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


Butterfly Effective Xstitch

Hello Beautiful Readers! Welcome back to my WIP Madness Corner! Hope you all had a great weekend! The next project I want to talk about is a cross-stitch that I’ve been working on, off and on, since  02/28 of this year. I called this project Butterfly Effective Xstitch.

The pattern I’m stitching on is the “Butterfly Forest” pattern by Dimensions. This is part of their Gold Collection.

As I TOTALLY expect this project to take me a bit, I started early. I think I have a recipient in mind, but I’m not for sure yet. Here are the pictures I’ve taken of my progress so far. I honestly haven’t worked on it in a few months. Oops… Should probably get back to it sooner rather than later…


Update 9/7:

I have been working a bit on this project, even if it doesn’t necessarily look like it. I recently found a knitting tool that I think I want to start using on this project full-time. It props up my pattern so I can see it as I’m stitching. I used to have to pick up the pattern and stare at it close to my face EVERY time I was working on it. Since I put the pattern on the magnet board, I’ve had less eye strain, and I can keep on going. Even when I have to check the pattern. It’s saved me BIG time over the past few weeks! I’m also using a needle minder that I bought when I bought my other canvases. It’s VERY pretty. It’s the coffee cup on my work below… What do you think?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!

Granny Stripes and Cozy Dreamz

Hello Beautiful Readers! Welcome back to my WIP Madness Corner! The next WIP I want to talk about is what I called “Granny Stripes and Cozy Dreamz.” I started this project back in April of 2018., and it’s been pretty much stalled since July of last year. It’s just sitting in a box, where I threw it when I was getting the house ready for company once. I haven’t even really LOOKED at it since I did so. I think this may be one I’ll eventually get around to ripping it out sooner rather than later. I’ll let you know what I decided to do with it.

I’ve been using a size K or 6.5mm hook and a bunch of Red Heart scraps. I’m using the “Granny Stripes” pattern by Lucy of Attic24. You can find the pattern here.

I think part of why I’ve stalled out on this blanket, is I no longer actually WANT this blanket. That, and the fact that the Red Heart Acrylic yarn hurts my hands. I KNEW this going into the blanket at the beginning, but we needed a blanket for our Queen Size Blanket. I thought with the nature of Crochet, it would go fast. But when it got too warm to work on it, I put it upstairs and only worked on it once after the initial 6 rows.



This is how far I got in the blanket before I lost interest in it… If you were wondering, that’s my wonderful Hubby modeling the width of the blanket. (He puts up with SOOO much of my crafty crazy, and I appreciate him. Trust me.. lol)

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


J’s Shawl

Hello Wonderful Readers! I’m going to start off this WIP Madness journey of ours talking about my longest-standing WIP.

This one, I titled “J’s Shawl.” This was meant to be a gift for my brother-in-law’s new wife when they were first wed. I cast it on back in 2017, and didn’t end up finishing even the first part of the shawl by the time the wedding happened. I’m sorry to say that this one has been sitting around without having much work done on it since about 2018. I keep meaning to work on it, really I do.  But usually, when I’m in the mood to try to clear up some needles, I go up to my UFO bin, take one look at the light fingering yarn held double part of this shawl, zip up the bag it’s in, and toss the bag back in the cubbies I have upstairs in my craft room. I’m not entirely sure WHY, if I’m being honest.

The pattern I was using for this shawl was the “2016 Mother’s Day MKAL Shawl” by J.L. Fleckenstein. It is a pattern that I’ve made before, and I quite enjoyed it. Although, the first time, I WAS using the yarn that the designer called for in the pattern (it had cashmere. Need I say more? lol). Do you think this should have much bearing on what’s holding me up? It might, if I’m being honest. I’ve had issues in the past knitting with certain yarn types. But I REALLY do love the feel and the color of the “Socks That Rock,” lightweight yarn in the “Snowflake” colorway that I’ve been using.

I’ve also been debating if the reason I’m delaying working on the Shawl is the 47 inch, US 7 Knitters Pride Cubics needles I have the project on. Again, it COULD possibly be that. They aren’t the right shape for my fingers, I’m thinking. But at the time, they were the only needles I had available to use. This is, if I remember correctly. This could be completely wrong, but why knows, right??? LOL. It HAS been a few years…

I really DO love the bag I’ve been using to house this project. It’s making me want to finish up the project so I can get it back to use with another project. This is the “Knitter & Knitting Cat bag” by Twist Fiber Studio. It’s Super Cute. It’s been so long since I bought the bag, that I couldn’t tell you if they have the fabric anymore, but what they currently have in their shop is making me long for another bag. You can find the shop here.

I have been using a mix of blue beads as well. I’m not sure you can see it in this picture, but they are so cute! I was going for a dark to light sort of motif. I had a bit of an issue getting some of the beads placed as about half of the beads don’t seem to be as drilled as they should be for the yarn I’m using. This could also be part of why I had to put it aside. Beading is not REALLY my favorite thing to do. Especially when it’s being this fidley…





The last issue I have with getting this one done has to do with the length of time it’s been a UFO. Even if the intended recipient still wanted it (which I’m thinking she forgot that I EVER promised this shawl to her, as it HAS been a few years…), I’m pretty sure it is too far outside the “late-wedding-gift” parameters allowed my Miss Manners… Maybe if I stop thinking of it as a wedding shawl, and start thinking of it as a general gift for her… That might work… Hmm… Might go grab this one now and try to figure out where I left off. We’ll see, right?

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!