M42 Episode 3 – “Haunting Me, Haunting Youuuuuuuu…”




Silver’s Pick – The Darkness “Permission To Land” (3:00)

  1. Intro The Album
  2. Why It was picked:
  3. Singles Off The Album
  4. Interesting Facts


  1. Free Fallin’ 
    1. Black Shuck 13
    2. Get Your Hands Off My Woman
    3. Growing On Me
    4. I Believe In A Thing Called Love
    5. Love Is Only A Feeling
    6. Givin’ Up
    7. Stuck In A Rut
    8. Friday Night
    9. Love On The Rocks With No Ice
    10. Holding My Own
  2. Our Favorite Tracks
  3. Our Least Favorite Tracks
  4. Final Thoughts


Associates Anonymous – An awesome podcast. Please go check them out!!!


Emptyeye’s Pick – Stabbing Westward – “Darkest Days” (29:24)

1) Intro The Album

  1. Why It was picked

3) Singles Off The Album

4) Interesting Facts

5) Free Fallin’ 

    1. Darkest Days
    2. Everything I Touch
    3. How Can I Hold On
    4. Drugstore (Macaw45)
    5. You Complete Me
    6. Save Yourself
    7. Haunting Me
    8. Torn Apart
    9. Sometimes It Hurts
    10. Drowing
    11. Desperate Now
    12. Goodbye
    13. When I’m Dead
    14. The Thing I Hate
    15. On Your Way Down
    16. Waking Up Beside You
    17. Hopeless

6) Our Favorite Tracks 

  1. Our Least Favorite Tracks
  2. Final Thoughts


Outro: (1:06:47)

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