StashVlogs 2022 – Vlog 13

Hiya all! I’m going to be perfectly frank… I’ve been feeling a bit… burnt out with things recently. It took me until this past Thursday to realize that I need a Mental Health break. I’m planning on taking off from the channel and my Twitch streams until the beginning of August. I do have a few videos already scheduled to go up during this timeframe, but that’s it. (might have another vlog, as I LOVE making those, and might miss it). Sorry if this seems to come out of left field, but I REALLY need to take some time off. Thanks for understanding!

With that, here is this week’s vlog!


Worked On:

Progression Shawl

Cloak of Visibility Shawl (no pics this week, sorry. Actually forgot to take pics before I moved the marker… Will update you next vlog)

– Pattern: “Cloak of Visibility” by RedAndTheWolfDesigns

Rainbow Cupcake Painting – From SpellQueen

Blue Birds Painting

Owl Painting – Special Drills


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“Acoustic Breeze,” “Adventure,” “Better Days,” “Buddy,” “Clear Day,” “Creative Minds,” “Creepy,” “Cute,” “Dance,” “Dreams,” “Dubstep,” “Elevate,” “Endless Motion,” “Energy,” “Epic,” “Evolution,” “Funny Song,” “Going Higher,” “Happiness,” “Happy Rock,” “Hey,” “High Octane,” “House,” “Inspire,’ “Jazz Comedy,” “Jazz Frenchy” “Little Idea,” “Love,” “Memories,” “Moose,” “Moose,” “Once Again,” Perception,” “Rumble,” “Sad Day,” “Sci-Fi,” “Sexy,” “Small Guitar,” “Smile,” “Summer,” “Sunny,” “Tenderness,” “The Duel,” “The Elevator Bossa Nova,” “The Jazz Piano,” and “Ukulele” by BenSoundMusic


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


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