Let’s Have a Snack!

Hi all!!! I’ve been working on a BUNCH of diamond paintings this year. As you’ve probably already noticed, I’m only making timelapses (as of April 1st) of the larger paintings. However, I still wanted to show off the smaller ones as well. Here is where ALL of the paintings from 2022 will be, in order of when I finished them. I’ll notate which ones have timelapses and which do not. If I made a timelapse, I will add the videos… Hope you like them!

  1. “Kitten And Cookies” by Maryline Cazenave 
  2. Winter Moon 
  3. Pastel Moon 
  4. “Brizland” by Brizbazaar (4 timelapse videos. See post) 
  5. Birthday Cat 
  6. “The Tenth” by Mandie Manzano (4 timelapse videos. See post)
  7. Pastel Tree
  8. Foam Beach 
  9. “Hogwarts & Hedwig” (5 timelapse videos. see post)
  10. “Sneaky Cat” by Eve Izzett   (will be 10 timelapses incoming and a blog post. Please keep checking in….)
  11. Fairy Cat


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


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