Another Quick Round Up…

Hiya, Wonderful Makers! Hope you had a GREAT Holiday Season! I’ve been busy behind the scenes here at Silver’s Dreamland Podcast. This week, there are a BUNCH of videos going live on my channel. As you have probably noticed, Monday was the usual monthly podcast. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday will be the videos of my gameplay from Twitch from November. However… Today, I put up two videos. They are wrapping up the Craft Alongs that had been happening in 2021, and that are now over…
At 1PM EDT: StripeAlong2021 Wrap Up:
At 2PM EDT: DreamAlong2021 Wrap Up: 
Silver Being Social:
Silver’s Dreamland Discord Server:
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“Creative Minds,” “Creepy,” “Cute,” “Dance,” “Dreams,” “Elevate,” “Epic,” “Happiness,” “Happy Rock,” “Hey,” “High Octane,” “House,” “Sad Day,” “Scifi,” “Sexy,” “Small Guitar,” “Smile,” “The Duel,” and “The Elevator Bossa Nova” by BenSoundMusic
“SDL Themesong”
All Videos were Recorded on 1/2/21, in case you were wondering.
Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!

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