Streaming Into November – Week 4

Hiya everyone!! As you have probably heard on the Podcast, I have started to stream on Twitch Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays (new schedule!!! 🙂 ) . I’ve started to release my streams on YouTube as of August 1st. This is a way to let those who don’t use Twitch have the opportunity to view my gameplay. If you become a Patreon of my channel, you will get full access to these videos first. I’ll be putting up a list of all of the Videos I plan to release for the month of August (and the months going forward…).

Even if you cannot become a Patreon at this time, I will be putting up a weekly list of the streams that were released on YouTube. I have also created Playlists for the games I’ve been playing as well, just in case you want to watch by game… Hope you like it!


WE 11/27:
9/17: Laughing into the weekend with a few movies and a new start…Diamond Painting is a Life Skill

9/24: Friday’s here!!! Let’s do a bit of diamond painting, and watching shows… – Part 1

9/24: Friday’s here!!! Let’s do a bit of diamond painting, and watching shows… – Part 2


After this last stream, I took about a month’s break from streaming. In this same spirit, I’m going to take December off from posting any more of my streams. I’ll be releasing all of the Patreon-only episodes I’ve previously released for you wonderful Patreons during the month of December. I’ll be picking up everything again in January.

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


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