Pride Along 2122: A Cast On Story


Hello & Welcome


My Special Guests

    1. MercuryZelda
      1. Insta: @mercuryzelda
      2. Website: Mercurial Knits – Knitting patterns and video game plushies by Emily Anne Davies
    2. Sher  (MeditativeCrafter Podcast)
      1. Insta:
        1. Sher @meditativecrafter
        2. David: @vegashepliin 
      2. YouTube: Meditative Crafting – YouTube
      3. Twitch: 
        1. Sher: meditativecrafter – Twitch
        2. David: VegasHepliin – Twitch
    3. CC (GGKCS Podcast)
      1. CC
        1. Insta: CC_javapurl
      2. Dami
        1. Insta: damisdoodles
      3. FB Group: GGKCS Podcast / FlossTube | Facebook
      4. On YouTube: GGKCS Podcast / FlossTube – YouTube
      5. Website: JavaPurl Designs
    4. Steph (Knitting Samurai/AdoreKnit Podcast)
      1. Insta: adoreknitsteph or knittingsamurai
      2. On YouTube: AdoreKnit – YouTube
      3. On Rav: KnittingSamurai/AdoreKnit Podcast Group 
      4. Website: Stitch Markers Progress Keepers and Project Bags by AdoreKnit (
    5. Rick (WhimzeeStitches)
      1. On Insta: whimzeestitches
      2. On FB: Whimzeestitches Designs | Facebook
      3. On Rav: whimzeestitches and Rav group.  
      4. Website: Rick Najdzion (@whimzeestitches) • Instagram photos and videos


Intro To Pride Along

      1. The Pride Along 2122 will encompass two Pride months. It will start today, Monday, May 17th, 2021 [The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT)] and will wrap up June 30th, 2022. 
      2. This year-long Along is meant to celebrate the wonderful diversity of our Crafting Community. Show your pride in this Along!

Ways To Play

      1. This Along will run in the Silver’s Dreamland FB and Discord groups. I’ll be linking both in the description box below this video. (Sorry. I don’t use Ravelry for my alongs anymore.)
      2. If you choose not to use either platform, that’s fine. If you use #sdlpridealong2122, #mcpridealong2122, #ggkcspridealong2122, #akpridealong2122, #wspridealong2122 or #pridealong2122 on Instagram, I’ll still count your FOs in the along. 
      3. No matter how you decide to play, I’ll be commenting on your posts with a number to be entered for Prizes.
      4. You can play by Knitting the Progression Shawl by Carin Risinger (Rav Link: or Crocheting the Quick & Simple Granny Shawl by Hannah Owens ( 
      5. If you Use any Pride colorway (including, but not exclusively Rainbow, Gender Fluid, Intersex, Trans colorways, etc.), your projects will count.
      6. If you knit/crochet/stitch ANY Pride flag, it will count. (Using blocks of color to represent the flags in a shawl or other items DO count) 
      7. Using a pattern with the word “Pride” or “Proud” in it counts as well. Please include the name of the design, the designer, and a link (if you can’t find one other than to Rav, that’ll be fine…) 
      8. Anything with rainbows in it will count as well.
      9. You will get double entries if you knit the Progression Shawl with a Pride colorway or making a Pride Flag while knitting the Progression Shawl. 
      10. You will also get double entries if you crochet the Quick & Simple Granny Shawl with a Pride colorway or make a Pride Flag while crocheting the Quick & Simple Granny Shawl.
      1. No WIPs are allowed. Sorry. With the length of this along, I think we’ll be fine.



  • Monthly 
        1. CC has offered her wonderful “Catch The Rainbow Socks” as a prize to one lucky winner every month. (This pattern can be found On Etsy:, 0r on Payhip:
        2. A free pattern of CC and Dami’s every month as well. This will be of your choice. All of their patterns can be found at
  • Quarterly (August, November, February, May/June 2022)
        1. A free copy of my “Proud To Be Me” shawl pattern will also be given away per quarter.
        2. @MercuryZelda has offered one of her wonderful paid patterns per Quarter. Her shop can be found here:
  • Other Prizes
        1. Two of @MercuryZelda‘s wonderful patterns will also be given away at the end of the Along. 
        2. @MeditativeCrafter and her Hubby will be giving away a board game called “Arch Ravels” to a lucky winner! 
        3. A skein of Desert Vista Dyeworks yarn in the “The Mother of All Zombody Queens” (an 8 stripe yarn) colorway 
        4. A skein of yarn from Nice & Knit in the “Times Square” color on their Fingering Base. 
        5. A skein of Yarn from SweetGeorgia Yarns in the “Rainbow Sprinkles” colorway.
        6. Two sets of Rainbow Progress Keeper & Stitch Marker sets donated by AdoreKnit. 1 set per winner.
        7. A set of Large Rainbow Progress Keeper & Stitch Marker set (including a cute heart marker) donated by AdoreKnit.
        8. Two Sets of a Rainbow Pride Sheep Enamel Pin & a Rainbow Unicorn Progress Keeper by WhimzeeStitches Design. Two winners for these.
        9. A Pride Rainbow Bag and Progress Keeper by WhimzeeStitches Design.
        10. A set of 30 Rainbow silicone Stitch markers & Rainbow Progress Keeper from WhimzeeStitches Design.
        11. If you would like to donate a prize, please PM me on Insta or Discord. Or, you can email me (Silver) at 


Silver Being Social:
Silver’s Dreamland Discord Server:
On Discord: Silver Dee #8858
On Facebook:
On Instagram: SilversKnitting
On Twitter: @SilversKnitting
On Patreon:
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On Goodreads: Silverluna

Okay. I’ve rambled for long enough. I know your time is valuable. Please feel free to join in any discussion (or start your own) on the Silver’s DreamLand Discord board or the FB group! I don’t bite, I promise!!! If you’re feeling generous, please click that like button below this video. It really helps my channel out.

Until next time, Happy Crafting! 


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