No Show Today, But I DO Have A Review…

Hello Everyone! Some bad news. Today, I won’t be recording an episode. Short story? I had a root canal on Thursday that my mouth is still recovering from. So much so, that I can’t get the Bridge I’m supposed to wear into my mouth today. Well, I can, but it doesn’t want to click in properly when I’m talking. Plus my sinus’ are a mess.

I’m going to try to record tomorrow. Even if I can’t get the Bridge to stay in. My voice may just sound a bit different.  As a word of warning….

To that end, I’m going to review Interpretations 6 here instead of the podcast. As a special “episode” and apology. So, here goes!!!



If you have never heard, Joji Locatelli and Veera Valimaki get together and introduce patterns based on 6 words or ideas. Interpretations Volume 6 introduces the words: Courage, Silence, Rapture, Glee, Connection, and Scale.

I love all of the photos, who were taken by Jonna Hietala. She takes the theme and rolls with it. I love how she shows off each of the words that were chosen for this collection.

Jenica Poduje had more autonomy this time to write what she wanted. I LOVE her excerpts. She perfectly adds her flare in her descriptions of each pattern included in this collection. Well Done!!!


Pattern By Pattern

      1. Courage
        1.  Resolute Wrap: I LOVE this wrap. I’ve already put this one in my queue. It’s SUPER gorgeous. The lacy bits are genius! 
        2.  Moonquake Cowl: It’s super pretty. Simple brioche with a folded ribbing edge. I might just have to learn Brioche BECAUSE of this pattern.
      2. Silence
        1.  Understated Pullover: V-neck boxy shape with ribbing on the shoulders. Love the construction on this one. This looks like it could be a simple layering piece. I love that about this pattern.
        2.  Hidden Sweater: This sweater is a mix of ribbing and twisted rib that combine together to make a simple, yet elegant sweater. I feel compelled to let you guys know that I’ve already added it to my queue. Just need to get the yarn… lol…
      3. Rapture
        1.  Ravishing Vest: This vest is meant to be quite long. The subtle patterning on this vest make it such a stunning piece.
        2.  Smoke And Amber Wrap: I really love the interplay between the ribbing and the cable is striking! I love the rectangle shape too. I think I’ll have to knit this one sooner rather than later.
      4. Glee
        1.  Moonlight Socks: I love how you use gradiation on the socks. But the simple lace is perfection on the top of the sock. And the fact that it is off-set by ribbing on the sides of the foot. Wow! It makes for a stunning pattern!
        2.  Wintergate Beanie: Woah. A honeycomb pattern. It’s super cute with it’s cable-itious nature.
      5. Connection
        1.  Community Tunic: On the cover of the book. Stranded colorwork yoke. 4 Different motifs you can choose from that are all equally pretty. 3 different size needles needed. More importantly, It has pockets! Lol!
        2.  Frozen Fields Shawl: Garter stitch meets a REALLY cute lace pattern near the bottom. Crescent shape. You can play with gradients if you would like too… Looks to be quite a large shawl. Cool!
      6. Scale
        1.  Evolve Shawl: Sidewise triangle shape. Stripes meets lace. Joji gives you each chart with the increases. Which is VERY cool! The lace pattern is VERY pretty! Another one that went right into my queue.
        2.  Saltwater Coat: Reverse stockinette. I-cord cast-on and bind-off. Oh my. This coat has pockets, ya’ll!!!


So, the reason I didn’t want to delay my review, is that I have a Giveaway Announcement!!!  I’m giving away a physical copy of Interpretations 6.

I’m going to put the following question up in my Ravelry Group:

Question: “Which pattern would you knit from Interpretations 6 first?”’


All you have to do is answer the question in the Episode thread in the Ravelry group. Random Number generator when I record Episode 68 on the 29th.

Good luck to everyone!

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!


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