Important Schedule Changes

Hello everyone! As many of you know, I’ve been participating in Stash Dash this year. What this means, is that I tend to record every week over the course of the Summer. Since Stash Dash is now over, I usually go down to a bi-weekly show, and down to once monthly show over the course of the Winter. I’ve decided this year, that I will be changing up what I normally do. What follows is my recording schedule up until Stash Dash 2019 (because SPOILERS, I’m participating next year too…)


Episode # Date
58 08-29
59 09-05
60 10-01
61 11-05
62 12-03
63 01-07
64 02-04
65 03-04
66 04-03
67 04-17
68 05-01
69 05-08
70 05-15
71 05-22
72 05-29


Thank you for your patience with this!

Until I see you next, Happy Crafting!


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