Episode 54 – “There And Back Again (A Silver’s Tale)”

Welcome To The Dreamland:



  1.  A Few Good Barley’s
  2. 2018 Washcloths
  3.  Rhapsody In Socks
  4. July’s DVD Socks 



  1.  Rainbows For Marc N’



    1.  Over Yonder, Ye!!!
    2. Funny Monkey!!! 🙂 
    3.  Shawl #3
    4. Shawl #2
    5.  Skirting The Tree
    6. Granny Stripes and Cozy Dreams


Silver’s Unraveling Fast:



Back To The Future:


X’s & O’s:



Radio GaGa:

  1. Silver’s Being Random” Spotify Playlist
  2. 99.1 WPLR
  3. SSK 2018 Playlist
  4. Podcasts:
    1. And That’s Why We Drink
    2. Wine & Crime
    3. InASknit
    4. The Knitmore Girls


Silver’s Book Pile:


Silver and The Case Of The Screen Time:

  1. TV
  2. Movies
  3. Podcasts
    1. Geeky Girls Knit Podcast
    2. The Yarn Hoarder Podcast
    3. Round the Twist
    4. The KnitGirllls


The More You Know:

  1. Test Knitters. Last call.
    1. As I mentioned before, I’ve been spending some quality time with the pattern I’ve been writing. I think it’s just about there. I just need to finish my samples and make sure the pictures are added to the pattern. Then it’s all up to my wonderful test knitters. If you’d still like to test knit my pattern, it DOES knit up quick. Any yarn weights are fine, although I’d like a tester for DK/Sport/Worsted weight, if possible. Any Skill level knitter is fine. It’s a simple knit, I promise! Please shoot me an e-mail at silversdreamland@gmail.com, and I’ll be willing to let you test it. Deadline will be Sunday the 26th of August.
  2. Knit 2 Zero KAL Breakdown
    1. Basics:
      1. KAL starts January 1st, and ends December 31st.
      2. Please use #K2Zero and #SDLK2Z on Instagram and everywhere.
    2. Rules:
      1. You must be a member of my Ravelry Group.
      2. Your projects must use at least 10 grams of yarn.
      3. Individual socks count (until you finish the pair. 1 pair will only count once, sorry…)
      4. ANY project you finish in 2018 will count. If it is not a Ravelry craft (scrapbooking, latch hooking, quilting, sewing, needlepoint and holiday baking) will count, but you must post before and after photos so we can see that your progress.
      5. Poly-Dipping Is Allowed and even encouraged!!!
    3. Prizes:
      1. 12 Individual $10 or under Patterns of the winner’s Choice
      2. An individual Pattern by JavaPurl Designs per quarter (4 total).
      3. A Set of Cupcake Stitch Markers by Ann Tudor
      4. A Set of Sheep Stitch Markers by Ann Tudor 
      5. A Wonderful Outlander Bag by The Knitting Broomstick
      6. An Awesome Teapot Bag by The Knitting Broomstick 
      7. This wonderful bag by MollyKlein Designs
      8. These wonderful Stitch Markers by MollyKlein Designs 
      9. A wonderful Grand Prize.
        1. A sock-sized tote of your choice, from either Slipped Stitch Studios, Molly Klein Designs, or The Knitted Broomstick
        2. Your choice of a set of stitch markers from Molly Klein Designs, Ann Tudor, or Wee Ones on Etsy.
        3. $50 gift card from Miss Babs
    4. Prizes will be drawn once a quarter (every 3 months!!!), so make sure to post your FO’s!!!
    5. Please PM me directly if you’d like to donate a prize for this KAL.
    6. July FO’s: We reached over 100 FO’s this month, you guys!!!


My Favorite Things:

  1. Family Time
  2. SSK (which stands for Super Summer Knit Together)
    1. Enabling
      1. Bliss Yarns
        1. Woolen Boon
        2. Tilting Planet
        3. A Hooker’s Corner
      2. Goody Bags
      3. Gifts
        1. A bag and a Frog Measuring Tape
        2. A Red Yarn Ball Measuring Tape
        3. Old Rusted Chair Minis
      4. Stitch Marker Swap 
      5.  Marketplace
        1. Fat Squirrel Fibers
        2. Fiber Seed
        1. Gale’s Art
        2. Leading Men Fiber Arts
        3. Miss Babs
        4. Once Upon A Corgi
        5. Rock And String Creations
        6. Whimzeestitches Yarn Company


    1. My SSK Journey
      1. Scarritt Bennet Center.  Check them out!!! 
        1. http://www.scarrittbennett.org/ways-to-donate/)
      2. Monday
      3. Tuesday
      4. Wednesday
      5. Thursday
      6. Friday
      7. Saturday
      8. Sunday
      9. Monday
      10. Tuesday


The End Of The Road:

Ravelry Board: Silver’s Dreamland Podcast

Ravelry: Silverluna2112

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SilversDreamland/

On Instagram: SilversTreats.

On Twitter: @SilversKnitting.

E-mail: silversdreamland@gmail.com

Okay. I’ve rambled for long enough. I know your time is valuable. I thank you if you got this far. I know I had a lot to talk about this time around, especially with my SSK recap.

Please feel free to join in any discussion (or start your own) on the Silver’s DreamLand Ravelry board! I don’t bite, I promise!!! Please stay tuned for Episode 55 on the 8th.

Until Next Time! Happy Crafting!!!


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