Episode 47- “Happy 2nd Podiversary!!!”


Welcome To The Dreamland:


The More You Know:

Contest Prompts:

  1. Looking through my Episode titles, which one is your favorite? And Why?  (see bottom of the Shownotes for the full list…)
  2. Since I have been doing #sdlmovienight on Instagram a lot more this year, I want to know, what is your favorite movie? Who’s your favorite actor, Actress, and Director?


Quick-ish Podiversary Introduction.


My Favorite Things: 

  1. Enabling
  2. Other



  1. Birthday Month DVD Socks
  2.  Ember’s Up!!!
  3. Cotton Candy Sock Blank Socks



  1.  Whispering Amira
  2. Jodi, We’re Podcasting!!!
  3.  Granny Stripes And Cozy Dreams
  4. Pumpkin Season, ALL The Time!!! 
  5.  Rainbows For Marc N’
  6. I Literally Can’t Even! 🙂 


Back To The Future:

  1. June’s DVD Socks
  2. June’s Self Striping Socks


Radio GaGa:

  1. 99.1 WPLR
  2. Hamilton Soundtrack
  3. Silver’s Being Random Spotify Playlist.
  4. Podcasts


Silver’s Book Pile:

  1. Finished
  2. Currently


Silver and The Case Of The Screen Time:

  1. TV
  2. Podcasts
  3. Movies


The End Of The Road:

Ravelry Board: Silver’s Dreamland Podcast

Ravelry: Silverluna 2112 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SilversDreamland/.

Instagram: SilversTreats and SilversDreamland

Twitter: @SilversKnitting

E-mail: silversdreamland@gmail.com

I’ve rambled for long enough. I know your time is valuable. Please feel free to join in any discussion (or start your own) on the Silver’s DreamLand Ravelry board! I don’t bite, I promise!!! Please stay tuned for Episode 48 on the 6th. Until Next Time! Happy Crafting!!! -Silver-


To Make it easier, here are all of my episode titles, up until last week’s…
Episode 1 – “Silver’s Dreamland Begins”
Episode 2 – “Two’s Cool”
Episode 3 – “Roaring Into A Busy Week”
Episode 4 – “A Very Sleepy Silver”
Episode 5 – “Really Grateful”
Episode 6 – “It’s Finally Edith’s Turn! 🙂 “
Episode 7 – “Cry-Zilla”
Episode 8 – “Oy With The Poodles Already!”
Episode 9 – “Cha-Cha-Changes”
Episode 10 – “Whiskey Foxtrot Tango”
Episode 11 – “Welcome Fall!”
Episode 11.5 – “It’s A Mystery!”
Episode 12 – “Pumpkin Envy
Episode 13 – “Wow! Two For The Price Of One!”
Episode 14 – “Third Time’s The Charm”
Episode 15 – “Reflecting”
Episode 16- “Go For November”
Episode 17 – “Happy New Year!!!”
Episode 18 – “Yummies!”
Episode 19 – “En Fuego”
Episode 20 – “Snow Storms, Reviews, and Power Rangers, Oh My!!!”
Episode 21 – “Three’s Keene!”
Episode 22 – “Purple State Of Mind”
Episode 23 – “Doctor-rific”
Episode 24 – “All The AL’s :)!”
Episode 25 – “Countdown’s Done! :)”
Episode 26 – “Wait, What?…”
Episode 27 – “There’s A Color War Going On Over Here!”
Episode 28 – “Be Kind. Fast Forward To Your Point, Please!”
Episode 29 – “Now With More Eyes..”
Episode 30 – “Cast on ALL The Things!”
Episode 31 – “What Is Even Going On Here?”
Episode 32 – “A Sweater, A Hat, and Socks, Oh My!”
Episode 33 – “Don’t Rain On My Craft Parade”
Episode 35 – “A Little Bit Of…In My Life”
Episode 36 – “Delightfully Random”
Episode 37 – “Happy Festival of Sheep Day!!!”
Episode 38 – “With A Little Help From My…Sister”
Episode 39 – “Silver’s Verklempt and In A Holding Pattern”
Episode 40 – “People Be SOOO Extra, For No Reason”
Episode 41 – It’s Got A Certain Hook To It”
Episode 42- “We’re All Family Here”
Episode 43 – “Sotto Voce-ish”
Episode 44 – “In Which I have Pink Dreams”
Episode 45 – “Lock Those Stitches In”
Episode 46 – “Roller Coaster Riding”

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