The “Knit To Zero KAL” Enters Stage Left…

Hello Everyone! 2018 is upon us! I’ve decided that I will only have 2 resolutions/goals for the year. Finishing and Kindness.

I’ve decided I need to knit though as many as my UFO’s as possible in 2018. To this end, I am hosting a Knit To Zero KAL to help jump-start my Finishing goal.

Anyone want to join in? There will be prizes at the end of the year!!! 😉

The KAL starts January 1st, and ends December 31st.

Please use #K2Zero and #SDLK2Z on Instagram and everywhere you’d like.

1) You must be a member of my Ravelry Group.
2) Your projects must use at least 10 yards of yarn.
3) Individual socks count (until you finish the pair. 1 pair will only count once, sorry…)
4) ANY project you finish in 2018 will count. If it is not a Ravelry craft (scrapbooking, latch hooking, quilting, sewing, needlepoint and holiday baking) will count, but you must post before and after photos so we can see that your progress.
5) Poly-Dipping Is Allowed and even encouraged!!!

1) 12 Individual $10 or under Patterns of the winner’s Choice
2) Other prizes TBD

Prizes will be drawn once a quarter (every 3 months!!!), so make sure to post your FO’s!!!

Please PM me on Rav or e-mail me at if you’d like to donate a prize for this KAL.


I have a discussion set up in the Ravelry Group. It can be found here!

FO thread will be found here! It will open up as soon as I get a chance on January 1st (I work until 3PM EST).


I’ll meet you back here for my regularly-scheduled Podcast on Wednesday! Till Then, Happy Crafting!!!


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