Episode 32: “A Sweater, A Hat, and Socks, Oh My!”



The More You Know:

The Knitters League Event:  October 7th at 1PM in Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT.

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“Minnesota 52?”Winner is announced!


My Favorite Things:

  1. Enabling

    1. Miss Babs Shipment 

    2. Webs Shipment

    3. The Knitting Broomstick Shipments

      1. A: A Witch’s Halloween Bag

      2. B: Pumpkin Spice Latte Bag


  1.  Princess Rose

  2.  Blue Swirl Of Happiness

  3.  Zelda For A Zelda

HO (and a Toe):

  1. Green With Envy 😉


  1. New

    1.  Sweater Love<3:

    2.  Milos In Triplicate:

  2. Older

    1. Coffee Coffee Coffee

    2. Vanilla Beans 

    3. This is Halloween!:

    4. Teal Baby Blanket

    5. Flat Orchid Wrap

Frog Pond:


Whatcha Reading/Listening To?:

  1. Note: Personal Blog: www.dreamysilver2112.com).

  2. Reading

    1. Finished

    2. Currently

  3. Listening To


Whatcha Watching?:

  1. TV

  2. Movies

  3. Podcasts

Final Thoughts/Outro:

Rav Board: Silver’s Dreamland Podcast.

Rav: Silverluna2112

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SilversDreamland/.

On Instagram: SilversTreats and SilversDreamland.

On Twitter: @SilversKnitting.

E-mail: silversdreamland@gmail.com.

I’ve rambled for long enough. I know your time is valuable. Please feel free to join in any discussion (or start your own) on the Silver’s DreamLand Ravelry board! I don’t bite, I promise!!! Once quick note, this is the last bi-weekly podcast I’ll have until mid next year. Especially through the Holidays. I haven’t decided if that will change in the New Year. I’m going to be going down to 1 podcast a month starting on October 4th.

So, stay tuned! Until Next time, Happy Knitting!!! -Silver-

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