Episode 16 – “GO For November”




Favorite Things:

  1. Weird Happenings

  2. Whirlwind Vacations

    1. Full details here www.dreamysilver2112.com.

  3. Visiting Family

    1. Thanksgiving

    2. Pie Day.

    3. Thanksgiving Weekend


Silver’s WIP-Down:

  1. Administrative Stuff

    1. November Prospective

    2. Looking forward to December

      1. Prizes for December


  1. dsc09029 dsc09030 Pink Weave ❤

  2. dsc09051 Judy’s Wrapped Up in Purple

  3. dsc09064 dsc09066 Sookie’s Squash Blossoms



  1. New Since Last Time

    1. dsc09101 Burning The Blue

    2. dsc09102 Lorel-Eyes Mystery KAL

    3. dsc09072 Pretty Pumpkin Adult Hat

    4. dsc09108 Cora(L) Lives Upstairs

    5. dsc09091 It’s So Grey And Mint

  2. Older

    1.  A Fiery New England

    2. dsc09070 T’s Heart’s in New England

    3. dsc09082 Zombie Moons

    4. dsc09096 dsc09097 Frozen Bowties Are Cooler

    5. dsc09105 Hitching A Ride On The Grey Train

    6. dsc09076 Ketterdance


Frog Pond:


Needle Adjacent: .





Whatcha Reading Silver?:

Much.  Even one I gave up on.  For more details, please follow the link to my personal blog.


Whatcha Watching Silver?:

QUITE a bit.


Final Thoughts/Outro:

Ravelry Board: Silver’s Dreamland Podcast

Ravelry: I’m Silverluna2112.


Instagram: SilversTreats and SilversDreamland.

Twitter: @SilversKnitting.



I hope to post something before the New Year, but just in case I miss you, I’ll DEFINATLY be recording January the 4th.

Have a Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

Happy Crafting!


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