Episode 14– “Third Time’s The Charm”


My Favorite Things:


KAL Watch 2016:

  1. dsc08970 dsc08972                                       Halloween CATT. “I’ll Get You My Pretty!” A HO and a Toe….
  2. Downton Abby KAL 

Silver’s WIP-Down 2016:

  1. dsc08969 Kelley Lives Downstairs
  2. dsc08979 Simply Aware.
  3. dsc08974 Judy’s Lost In Purple
  4. dsc08966 Fiery New England
  5. dsc08977 Hitching A Ride on The Grey Train
  6. dsc08976 Bringing The BOOOM!

Needle Adjacent:



  1. dsc08955 Lollipop Yarn. “Saturday Morning”
  2. dsc08949 Inner Yarn Zen. “The Old Muddy River Bridge Knitathon.”
  3. dsc08960 dsc08965 Trekking XXL. 473 & 201.


Whatcha Watching, Silver?:



Whatcha Reading, Silver?:



Final Thoughts/Outro:

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I’ll see you back here on November 2nd for Episode 15!

See you then!


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