No Voice Means No “Episode”

Hi Everyone!  My voice has been giving me issues all week.  So trying to record for longer than 10 minutes has been… problematic.  So, instead of leaving you hanging, I’m going to put up a video-less episode thread.  So, you’ll see the same categories as usual, and a bit of my notes I was planning on talking about this week.  Sorry to make you read through my bad shorthand.  But, it will be worth it!  I PROMISE!  So, here goes!

“Hello everyone! I’m Silver! It is Thursday the 28th. A quick thank you to everyone who’s checking out the podcast for the first time! I can be a bit scatterbrained, and it shows in my podcast from time to time. Just ask my family about the level of scatterbrained-ness… Lol. Thank you to everyone who’s come back! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really do appreciate you! How is everyone doing?? It’s been a shorter week, but I was still able to get stuff done! Shorter work week makes this SOOO much easier to do! So, enough of my bellyaching! On to the knitting!


KAL Watch 2016:

  1. dsc08902 Miss Babs’ Fanatics Fall Shawl KAL: I’m on 3/7 big eyelet rows complete. I’ve included a progress marker so you can see how much work I’ve done this week! 
    1. Pattern: “Progression Shawl” By Carin, of the Round The Twist Podcast.
    2. Yarn: Scorpio Gradient, Miss Babs 2-Ply Yummy
    3. Needles: US 4, Susan Bates 29 inch circs


  1. dsc08872 Halloween CATT. I’ve included a progress marker so you can see how much work I’ve done this week! 
    1. Pattern: “Toe Up Socks With a Difference” By Wendy D. Johnson
    2. Yarn: Witches Brew, House Gnome, Gnome Acres
    3. Needles: 2 US 2, 16 inch circs


Silver’s WIP-Down 2016:

  1. dsc08900  Franken-Peach Shawl: A test-knit for Boston Jen. I can’t say more about it’s construction yet. I’ve made a bit of progress on the shawl, but I haven’t gotten a photo on my computer yet.  However, if you wish to follow our progress, we have a # going on on Instagram. It is #emelynmaeshawl.
    1. Pattern: No name or pattern link on Ravelry yet. ‘It’s A Mystery!”
    2. Yarn: Frankenberry, Pandia’s Jewels, Snug; Giant Peach, Dream in Color Smooshy
    3. Needles: US 6, 40 inch circs Platina Cubics by Knitters Pride


  1. dsc08881 Watermelon Socks
    1. Pattern: “Toe Up Socks With a Difference” By Wendy D. Johnson
    2. Yarn: Watermelon Sock Blank, Gales Art
    3. Needles: 2 US 2, 16 inch circs


  1. dsc08878 Judy’s Wrapped Up In Purple
    1. Pattern: “Toe Up Socks With a Difference” By Wendy D. Johnson
    2. Yarn: Berroco Sox, Tait, #1469
    3. Needles: 2 US 2, 16 inch circs


  1. dsc08815  Pink Weave ❤ (I Did only 2 rows.  But it counts!  😉 )
    1. Pattern: Basketweave Baby Blanket, by me.
    2. Yarn: Baby Pink, Baby Softee Marls
    3. Needles: US 7 29 inch circ



  1. Unwind Yarn Company Shipment
    1. dsc08852  “Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!” Journey Sock
  2. Pandia’s Jewels
    1. dsc08848 “Frankenberry” Snug Base. Superwash Merino/Nylon
    2. dsc08845 “Deadly Nightshade” Squidgy Base.


  1. Miss Babs Shipment
    1. dsc08833 “Denim, Sipriz, TARDish” – Yummy Trio, Babette. 3 400yard skeins of each color
    2. dsc08836 “Indigo Bunting” Yowza
    3. dsc08837 “My Kelley” Yowza
    4. dsc08831 “Squash Blossom” Yowza
    5. dsc08832 “Coral” Yowza


  1. Loopy Ewe Shipment: I’ve ordered enough that I’m now at the Neptune level!
    1. dsc08893 “Giant Peach” Dream in Color Smooshy
    2. dsc08894 “Torchwood” Dream in Color Smooshy
    3. dsc08897 “Peach” The Loopy Ewe Solid Series
    4. dsc08898 “Bisque” The Loopy Ewe Solid Series

Whatcha Watching, Silver?:

  1. NCIS – Finished catching up to the end of last season. I noticed that this season has already started, and I wanted to catch up.
  2. I tried watching Hercules. Got through 20 minutes, and decided I know why I stopped watching it the first time.
  3. Sped through the past episodes of The Dead Files
  4. Gilmore Girls – Season 4 and the start of 5.
  5. Footloose
  6. Podcasts. I’ve been watching through past episodes of the Geeky Girls Knit Podcast as well.  I’m a bit behind right now (as in, only on Episode 14 of 200+) but I REALLY want to catch up sooner rather than later!


Whatcha Reading, Silver?:

  1. Finished
    1. The Complete Audio Roald Dahl.
    2. Four To Score <- By Janet Evancovich
  2. Currently Reading
    1. High Five <- By Janet Evancovich
    2. The BBC Dramatized Jane Austin


My Favorite Things

  1. Buffalo Chicken Pizza from a local Pizzaria in the town I work in. It’s SOOOO good! Had a half-pie in one sitting! (I’m salavating just thinking about it.) <-A note as I copied this in just now…
  2. Graze Box. We liked it better this week! Below is what was in the box.  We’re down to the seeds left-over now…
    1. Summer Berry Flapjack
    2. Protein Peanut butter dipper with baked hemp sticks
    3. vanilla almond protein granola topper
    4. Sesame Garlic Crunch
    5. Peanut butter & Jelly
    6. Pizza Margherita
    7. Natural Vanilla Seeds
    8. Jelly Donut
  3. When the hubby has had enough of my whining and complaining about a caffeine-withdrawl headache that he brings home coffee making supplies after he gets out of work. He’s such a sweetheart! Lol!


Final Thoughts/Outro:

I’m pretty social. You can find me on our Ravelry Board, which is Silver’s Dreamland Podcast. I’m Silverluna2112 there. On Facebook,Silver’s Dreamland can be found at On Instagram, I am both SilversTreats and SilversDreamland. Twitter, I am @SilversKnitting. I tend to read through all messages as soon as I possibly can. If you don’t hear from me within 24 hours, please feel free to e-mail me directly at”


Have a great week everyone!  Sorry again my voice is being un-cooperative!



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