Episode 10 – “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”

KAL Watch 2016 (Click here for a Full List of all KALs I’m participating in, as well as each one’s rules)

  1. Gilmore Girls KAL
    1. FO dsc08787 dsc08790Chocobo-Coffee Addict
  2. Halloween CATT.
    1. dsc08737I’ll Get You My Pretty!
  3. Miss Babs Fanatics Fall Shawl KAL
    1. dsc08797Progression Progressive Shawl
  4. Downton Abby KAL:
  5. TKB Sock Club 2016.
    1. Previously Finished
    2. Current WIPs
      1. dsc08770Watermelon ❤
      2. dsc08737I’ll Get You My Pretty!
      3. dsc08052Gingy Rules!
    3. Still To Cast-On


Current WIP’s – Just Counting toward Silver’s WIP-down KAL:

  1. dsc08795 dsc08796A Fiery New England
  2. dsc08750Pink Weave ❤
  3. A Holiday Present – No spoilers for now…  Maybe when we get closer…


Needle Adjacent:



  1. Project Bags!
    Madman With A Box
    Madman With A Box

    Favorite Spells
    Favorite Spells
  2. New-to-me needles.


Whatcha Watching, Silver?:

  1. NCIS
  2. Podcasts
  3. Galavant
  4. Quantico


Whatcha Reading, Silver?:

  1. Finished
  2. Currently Reading 

My Favorite Things

  1. Our Graze Box #2
  2. Irish Cream Coffee from San Marcos.
  3. A&W’s Cream Soda.



Ravelry Board: Silver’s Dreamland Podcast.

On Ravelry, I can be found as: Silverluna2112

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SilversDreamland/

Instagram: SilversTreats & SilversDreamland.

Twitter: @SilversKnitting

E-mail:  silversdreamland@gmail.com.


My only Final Thought this week? Just “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!”

Until Next week! Happy Crafting! -Silver-

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