Episode 8 – “Oy! With The Poodles Already!”


A Poll:


Stash Dash 2016:

My Total Yardage: 11,858 Yards

How Many Meterage does this equal?: 10,843 Meters


Click here for the full list of all my Completed Projects



  1. DSC08646

    Mad As A Progressive Hare
    Mad As A Progressive Hare
  2. Mary's Blanket
    Mary’s Blanket
  3. Green Steam
    Green Steam
  4. Redemption Mother's Day Shawl
    Redemption Mother’s Day Shawl
  5. Washcloths For Mary
    Washcloths For Mary
  6. Milo #2. Never got a FO picture. But Sandy (not the mom-to-be, BTWs) loved the larger one so much, she agreed to hold it up for me at the Party!
    Milo #2. Never got a FO picture. But Sandy (not the mom-to-be, BTWs) loved the larger one so much, she agreed to hold it up for me at the Party!
  7. Weighing Drunken Watermelons
    Weighing Drunken Watermelons
  8. Steam Run Amok!
    Steam Run Amok!
  9. DSC08697

    Socks For Marc N'
    Socks For Marc N’
  10. All Dolled Up In Teal
    All Dolled Up In Teal
  11. Crazy Is As Crazy Does
    Crazy Is As Crazy Does


New Section: Silver’s WIP Down 2016

August 1st through December 31st. At least 5 prizes. First will be drawn Sept 5th, a pattern of your choosing from Ravelry $10 or under. So, get those FO pictures in ASAP! 🙂

The Only Rules:

  1. You must be a member of the group on Ravelry.
  2. You must post FO pictures in the KAL Thread.
  3. Remember: Hats/Washcloths/Smaller items may count. However, any small item must be part of a set of 4 or more for it to count for prizes.
  4. Projects cast on after October 1st will not count for the sake of this KAL. However, you will have up until October 1st to cast on as many projects as you think you can handle for the rest of the KAL.


WIP Parade:

New Since Last Time

    1. Frozen Bowties Are Cooler
      Frozen Bowties Are Cooler
    2. Pink Weave
      Pink Weave ❤
    3. This Space Be Poppin!
      This Space Be Poppin’
    4. DSC08701
      This Is Halloween! -Well, the ribbing, so far…
    5. DSC08053
      Gingy Rules!
    6. DSC08661
      Brainy Dance
    7. DSC08665
      Love The Night’s Watch
    8. DSC08675
      Zombie Moons
    9. DSC08679
      It’s All Over The Place!
    10. DSC08703
      Orange Swirl
    11. DSC08682
      The Doctor Inspires Me
    12. DSC08686
      1. Gilmore Girls KAL: It runs from the first of August through the 30th of September, for those that want to participate. You can do any new project cast-on in that time, and can be anything that you can convince the moderators relates to Gilmore Girls. Use #GilmoreGGKTKB on the projects you may do, so they can follow your progress.
      2. FO’s Need to be entered here. Make sure you become a member of the Geeky Girls Knit Podcast and The Knitting Broomstick groups  while you’re there! That way you can get credit for your entry!

Those You’ve Seen

    1. DSC08642
      My Progressive Progression Shawl
      1. Miss Babs Shawl KAL. This will be from July 1st until October 15th
      2. If you want to participate, click here for more details!
    2. DSC08440
      Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Socks Para Mi
    3. DSC08247Benilla Latte Socks
    4. DSC08621All This Red is Knitting Up Like Butta


Other WIPs.

  • Tetris Blanket: Just click here if you’re on Ravelry. This Is my project page with a TON of pictures.
  • DSC08207Dreaming In Georgia
  • DSC08215A Winter’s Snow
  • DSC08111Zelda For A Zelda? 😉 – A double-knit scarf 🙂
  • DSC08425It’s A Flaming Winged Axel! 🙂
  • DSC08466Tri-ed And True
  • DSC08353T’s Couch Blanket 2.0
  • DSC08459Mermaid Tail In A Half-Shell
  • DSC08617 DSC08605Watermelon Socks
  • DSC08393Lintilla The Hun


Frog Pond




Needle Adjacent:



  1. Non-Yarn
  2. Yarn
    1. DSC08720
      “Frozen,” Siren Sock by Supernatural Yarns
    2. DSC08654
      “Lumpy Space,” Betty Base, Lucky Violet Color Company


Whatcha Watching, Silver?:

  1. Podcasts
    1. The KnitGirllls
    2. Inasknit
    3. Theknitmoregirls
    4. Round The Twist With Carin
    5. Cultivate & Create
    6. The Knitting Broomstick
    7. Grocery Girls
    8. Geeky Girls Knit
    9. The Turbo Knitter
  2. TV
  3. Movies


Whatcha Reading, Silver?:

  1. I Finished a few books!
    1. Blogged About each one.  The links can be found below.
      1. Love At Stake
      2. Non-Serial Books
      3. An Awesome Opportunity!
  2. I’m Currently Reading 


My Favorite Things

  1. The Gilmore Girls Re-boot! November 25th on Netflix!
  2. Coffee!!!
  3. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on Youtube.
  4. Organizing My Life
  5. Project #400 on Ravelry! #400 DSC08597 DSC08665


Did A Bit Of Writing This Week:



Ravelry: Silverluna2112

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Instagram: SilversTreats & SilversDreamland.

Twitter: @SilversKnitting. 


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