StashVlogs 2022 – Vlog 14

Hiya all! I decided I REALLY wanted to vlog this week, so here it is!!! Hope you enjoy it! I’ll be quick in my intro, as the vlog is longer this week, and includes a special guest (of sorts)…


Worked On:

  1. Cloak of Visibility Shawl  – Pattern: “Cloak of Visibility” by RedAndTheWolfDesigns 
  2. Rainbow Cupcake Painting – From SpellQueen
  3. Visible Rainbow Shawl
  4. Some Washcloths


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“Acoustic Breeze,” “Adventure,” “Better Days,” “Buddy,” “Clear Day,” “Creative Minds,” “Creepy,” “Cute,” “Dance,” “Dreams,” “Dubstep,” “Elevate,” “Endless Motion,” “Energy,” “Epic,” “Evolution,” “Funny Song,” “Going Higher,” “Happiness,” “Happy Rock,” “Hey,” “High Octane,” “House,” “Inspire,’ “Jazz Comedy,” “Jazz Frenchy” “Little Idea,” “Love,” “Memories,” “Moose,” “Moose,” “Once Again,” Perception,” “Rumble,” “Sad Day,” “Sci-Fi,” “Sexy,” “Small Guitar,” “Smile,” “Summer,” “Sunny,” “Tenderness,” “The Duel,” “The Elevator Bossa Nova,” “The Jazz Piano,” and “Ukulele” by BenSoundMusic

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!