StashVlogs 2022 – Vlog 12

Hiya all! Hope you had a great week!!! Mine was AMAZING!!! This weekend, we had guests stay with us. While they were here/before, I worked on… much… I’ll let past Silver tell you all about it!!!


Worked On:

Progression Shawl


Snowflake Blanket (for Emptyeye)

Holiday Socks

Cloak of Visibility Shawl

Pattern: “Cloak of Visibility” by RedAndTheWolfDesigns


Pastel Rainbow Glass Painting

Holiday Card Diamond Painting

Christmas Cat in Cup Painting


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“Acoustic Breeze,” “Adventure,” “Better Days,” “Buddy,” “Clear Day,” “Creative Minds,” “Creepy,” “Cute,” “Dance,” “Dreams,” “Dubstep,” “Elevate,” “Endless Motion,” “Energy,” “Epic,” “Evolution,” “Funny Song,” “Going Higher,” “Happiness,” “Happy Rock,” “Hey,” “High Octane,” “House,” “Inspire,’ “Jazz Comedy,” “Jazz Frenchy” “Little Idea,” “Love,” “Memories,” “Moose,” “Moose,” “Once Again,” Perception,” “Rumble,” “Sad Day,” “Sci-Fi,” “Sexy,” “Small Guitar,” “Smile,” “Summer,” “Sunny,” “Tenderness,” “The Duel,” “The Elevator Bossa Nova,” “The Jazz Piano,” and “Ukulele” by BenSoundMusic


Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!