Episode 83- “New Year. Who Dis?”



Welcome To The Dreamland:


In this episode: 

  1. FO’s
  2. WIP’s
  3. Silver’s Unraveling Fast
  4. Back To The Future
  5. X’s & O’s
  6. Radio GaGa
  7. Silver’s Book Pile
  8. Silver & The Case of the Screen Time
  9. The More You Know
  10. My Favorite Things
  11. The End Of the Road


FO’s:  (2:57)

  1. Herbology Jan 2020
  2. Potions Jan 2020
  3. Ancient Runes 2020
  4. Yowza Blanket
  5. Mama Mia
  6. Aunt Pinky
  7. Doctor Quiddy
  8. November 2019 DVD Socks
  9. Arithmancy OWL. Option 2.
    1. Bromance
    2. Bromance R’ US
    3. Pinky Sis
    4. Mama Mia
    5. Papa Don’t Preach
    6. Aunt Pinky
    7. September DVD Socks
    8. October DVD Socks
    9. November DVD Socks
  10. December 2019 DVD Socks
  11. Me Gnome es Crowley
  12. “Xmas Cast On” Socks


WIPs:  (13:38)

  1. HufflePride
  2. Jan 2020 DVD Socks
  3. My Scrappy Happy Blanket
  4. Gingy’s Spa Day
  5. I Can Hear The Bells
  6. All Squared Up
  7. Scraptastic DVD
  8. The Blustery Day
  9. We’re Off To Never Neverland – Silver Style
  10. My Flat White Is Magical!


Silver’s Unraveling Fast: (31:51)



Back To The Future: (33:20)


X’s &Os: (35:08)

  1. Personal Blog Posts
  2. Videos that I’ve put up since the last time we’ve talked
    1. For The Great Podcaster Craft Together


Radio GaGa: (39:57)

  1. Radio/Music
  2. Podcasts


Silver’s Book Pile: (41:58)

  1. Finished:
  2. Currently


Silver and The Case Of The Screen Time: (46:34)

  1. TV
    1. (20:07->23:43 spoiler warning)
  2. Movies
  3. Other
  4. Podcasts


The More You Know: (55:00)

KAL Breakdown

  1. The Great Podcaster Craft Together 2020 (55:07)
      1. Details
      2. Rules 
      1. Prizes (Please PM me on Ravelry or DM me on Instagram if you’d like to add something to the Prize Pool. I’m still collecting prizes. Sorry, I got a late start this year…


Other Alongs Going On Right Now that I’m particpating In: (59:17)


My Favorite Things: (1:01:17)


The End Of The Road: (1:17:20)

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