Silver’s Chatting With Diamonds Again….

Hiya all!!! I started a new series on my YouTube Channel where I work on a project and tell everyone how my week/weeks are going (as there may be times where I don’t feel like talking one week due to illness so may skip it). These videos are YT exclusive videos (much like the timelapse videos). Most of the time, the project will be a Diamond Painting, but it MIGHT be something else. I have done mostly Diamond Paintings so far, but you never know if I might switch it up…. lol. I’ll try to come back every week to update the list of WIP n Chats. But just in case… Ya’ll know my track record with updating things lately, so wanted to warn you… If you subscribe to my channel and hit the bell, you’ll be notified when a video goes live….

With that bit of promo out of the way… Here are 2023’s WIP n Chats!

This is the week that I remembered that I could add the pic of what the painting will look like at the end… lol….


The next WIP n Chat is scheduled to go live on 9/5. See you then for an update (if I remember)!!!

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!