Vlogging Through 2023

Hiya all!!! I started doing Monthly Vlogs instead of proper episodes. Basically, I sit there and talk about what I’ve been working on all month, like I used to. Except, I’ve started using my streaming set up as background and adding photos and videos to show stuff off (as many of the things I finish I’m too lazy to go find…) Hope you understand, as the way I want to do things has changed since the very beginning of the Podcast. “Like duh!” you’re saying, right? lol


Here is the list of 2023 Vlogs that have gone up so far. I’m also going to be updating this post as soon as the Usual Vlogs start up again in September. The first two were before the start of the StashVlogs.

#1: 2/12

#2: 3/6

#3: 9/4

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!