Streaming Into August (2022)

Hiya All! I’ve been streaming a bit since the start of 2022. Sorry I haven’t been posting them, but I finally got my act together. I’m starting a segment called “Streamy Sundays,” where my past streams will be released every Sunday going forward.

Here are the streams that went live on YouTube in the month of August..


1/31: Diamond Painting and Chilling on a Winter (sunny) day…

2/7: Diamond Painting & Star Storms, Oh My!!!

2/23: ACNH Villager Hunt. How many tickets will it take for me to find a villager who is my vibes? We’ll See.

3/1: Chilling With The Tenth. Who? Doctor Who!

3/17: Suprise!!! Streaming a new painting today!!!! Testing out a new streaming set up, so….

3/19: Star Showers and Diamond Painting, oh My!


Hope you enjoy them! Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!